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Bull’s-eye!  Selling to Builders hits the target! Steve Monroe has simplified the keys to earning the builder’s business.  This book is, without question, the sales “bible” every associate member at HAHB should have.

M. Kurpiel, Cherry Hill, NJ

Learn the secrets to selling materials, supplies, and services to a very unique type of customer, the home builder. Selling to Builders 2 helps you understand what motivates home builders to purchase and what builders value in sales and service professionals.

Author Steve Monroe takes you step-by-step through the process of setting up and managing a sales territory. Whether you are a real estate broker, trade contractor, supplier, or a member of one of the countless other professions that sells to home builders everyday, Selling to Builders 2 is an indispensable resource.

Includes a Resource CD with 17 assessments and forms taken from the book that you can print and use for planning and implementing your sales strategies.

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This timely volume provides a comprehensive approach to planning and executing marketing plans for the Aging in Place market. The book was written with builders, renovators, and health care professionals in mind, plus those who supply products and services to the AIP market.

Specific chapters include drafting a marketing plan and budget, the use of Social Media, the role of consultants, how to conduct effective market research, an evaluation of websites, and how to maximize one’s presence at a trade/home show.

Filled with ideas and insight, readers will fulfill their potential in this incredible market segment and have fun in the process. The CAPS market is filled with opportunity with a capital O.

Transforming Lives, Renovating Homes is affordable at only $15.00 plus shipping.

$15 plus shipping

As an instructor in the CGP world, the discouraging backlog of graduates receiving their credentials and never using them is great. This book provides a friendly, not technical approach to what one needs to do to launch and thrive as a green/sustainable professional.

Written in narrative form, the reader follows real-life Laura and Sean through events and conversations that provide incredible substance to the text. You will walk with them as part of the challenges that this dynamic couple face as they establish themselves as a CGP builder of design-build homes.

Specific chapters include forming a marketing team, the role of consultants, drafting of a marketing plan and budget, the use of Social Media, how to conduct effective market research, and how to deal with appraisers.

What is an idea worth that can turn your green/sustainable business around? At $10.00, plus shipping, Marketing Essentials for Green Builders is a bargain at five times the price. Order your copy today and watch your success begin to grow immediately.

$10 plus shipping

The Pyrate Principles™ examines the history of Blackbeard and his contemporaries and suggests positive lessons we can learn from their adventures.

Central are seventeen guiding principles as in a captain's log (from long ago, before standardized spelling), and reflected in the pirates' deeds… and misdeeds.

The book features modern-day applications of these lessons as they transform the lives of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

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