Programs for REALTORS®…

Developing Healthy Business Relationships with Home Builders. One of the axioms in the housing industry is that builders and Realtors ® don’t get along. For nearly ten years, Steve has been taking the pulse of builders and how they feel about Realtors ® with a simple survey. From that information and many conversations that have followed with builders and Realtors ® that he highly respects, insights have come when employed by the real estate professional will provide an increase in business for both parties, regardless of the economy. 90 minutes

Why Should Kids’ have All the Fun? Highly creative workshop for sales teams who are hungry to expand their customer base and strengthen their problem solving skills. Fast-paced, highly visual, and really hands-on. Attendees will gain skills in approaching the variety of potential sales situations and learn what they can do to succeed where others are failing. Half-day format.

“I never laughed as much and learned more. . . “ K.K Greensboro, NC