Who Said It Had to be a Fair Fight?

Every town of any discernable size has them: family-owned businesses that are being challenged by “The Boxes”. Why not just close up, go home, sit on the porch, and recall the good-old-days? Many are. Why not take advantage of the assets these businesses have to take on the retail giants and win the day? It can happen. Wise owners will learn:

        - What their strengths are and how to get stronger.

        - Where their weaknesses are and how to eliminate them.

        - How to probe the underbelly of the re tail giants and strike hard and fast.

        - How to take advantage of the larger size of their competitor and use it to their              advantage.

 Who said it had to be a fair fight?  Learn the positive techniques used by pirates who took on whole  navies with much larger ships and won the day.  Half-day format.