Programs for BUILDERS…

Get Serious!  Strategies that Reduce Construction Costs.  If you are feeling the pressure to reduce your building costs during these interesting days in the housing market, then this workshop is for you.  In fact, the more people who attend from your company, the more effective you will be when implementing these great cost-cutting measures.  Steve’s goal is to teach you strategies that could, when they are implemented, reduce your construction cost by 8 to 10 percent. 4 hours

Lucky Six: No Non-Sense Customer Service For Builders.  This unique approach to customer service for builders uses interactive exercises in a positive based atmosphere to teach 6 principles and their applications. The material is based on actual situations that are often encountered in meeting the needs of demanding homeowners.

Getting to ”Yes!"  Yes!, is the sweetest sound to the ear of the building professional, whether coming from a potential homeowner or a trade partner. Attendees will learn and use techniques that will strengthen their ability to gain agreement on contracts that will add sales and profit to their business.  Attendees will learn how to obtain key information, read their prospects, know and use the words that sell (and avoid the words that don’t), give effective presentations that work, and recognize power in negotiations and use it to their advantage.  

Marketing Essentials for Builders/Remodelers. If they did not take marketing in college, or it has been a while since they did, this workshop will save them money in marketing costs, while making the funds they do use much more effective.  Learn how to determine a true potential client, the most effective use of marketing dollars, use social media that makes sense, create a basic marketing plan, and conduct no-nonsense market research for their area.

Who Said it Had to be A Fair Fight?  Blackbeard and other “Brethren of the Coast” were often outmanned and outgunned in their pursuit of fun and profit. What could small to medium sized builders learn from this famous pirate that would allow them to make a powerful difference in their backyard as large volume builders continue to grow?

This break-through workshop is offered only to small and medium-sized builders. Those attending will learn big builder secrets of cost control, how when buying products and services there is more going on than price, how to probe the underbelly of the large builder and strike hard and fast, and how to take advantage of the larger size of their competitor and use it to the smaller builder’s profit. 90 minutes

Branding for Builders. One of the challenges for small to medium size builders is to separate themselves from their competition as they grow their businesses. This workshop is designed to do just that. Taking the attendee from where they are to where they want to be is an interesting trip. They will learn the 3 steps and 12 strategies that when followed will have them established as never before in their market. 2 hours