What Would Blackbeard Do?

Inspired by the book The Pirate PrinciplesIntriguing Keys to Enrich Your Life and Business, this engaging series of workshops are tailored to each client whether their mission is leadership, sales teams, financial services, health care, retail, manufacturing, research, restaurants, or even customer service. What exactly would wily and very savvy Blackbeard do when faced the growing challenges to business in challenging times?

Attendees will be surprised by his insight into their world with positive approaches to a wide-variety of real-world situations. Watch what happens when adults discover their hidden pirate and positive things begin to happen around them.

One leader, a veteran of national workshops for a nation-wide non-profit organization for twenty years said, “best workshop [on leadership] ever.” K. L., Laverne, IL.

Available in Seadog- or Landlubber- based formats.  1-2 day formats