Programs for ASSOCIATIONS…

Why Do You Do What You Do?  Looking for a program that will spark interest with your builder members? Aimed at the heart of what they do, this presentation will have associates on their feet applauding the role of the builder and the builders, and feeling good about what they do.

 “Associates Night” 20-minute talk directed toward the volunteers who provide much of the horsepower behind most associations. Great way for them to feel appreciated.  Steve will give away copies of Selling to Builders, Second Edition, as part of the program.

How to Have a Great Day, Every Day: Yes, every day. Why settle for less than greatness in how you approach life, whether it is first thing Monday or the last situation you have to face Friday afternoon? Steve shares life-transforming insights that will make a positive difference for each one in the audience.

Contractors and Associates.  How to have the Best Home Show Ever.  Attendees will learn at least 9 specific strategies when employed will result in more leads and the most alluring booth of their career. 90 minutes

How to Become The World’s Most Interesting Builder.  Over the past ten years, this ad icon became a center of great conversation, “The World’s Most Interesting Man” sold a bunch of beer. What could builders learn from him and apply those lessons and become “The World’s Most Interesting Builder” and in the process sell more homes and have more fun along the way? Steve will lead attendees at your General Membership Meeting in discovering these truths and how to apply them to their live.  20 minutes

Leadership 101 This course is a vital step in becoming an effective leader in local HBAs. It`s content is specific, focused, can be applied the next day, and is fun. These leaders will learn how best to interact with the press, newspaper or electronic, run an effective Board of Directors meeting [including how to deal with dissent, they want it handled in the meeting not outside], lead an engaged General Membership Meeting, get the most of their relationship with the Executive Officer, and how best to communicate with the membership and  effective communicate with them. Every EO needs to have incoming or those on the ladder to attend. This course is portable and can be presented regionally. Due to the unique presentation of the material, class is limited to 15. Handouts will be very valuable during their time of office. 6 hours