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Eric Hoffer once said, “In  times of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future.”   This is certainly a time of drastic change for businesses of all types and sizes – and learning is what we are all about.  

We invite you to explore the training, coaching, and consultation opportunities
and benefits that we offer …

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Make Aging in Place a Reality

What Blackbeard would do to meet today’s business challenges

Resources to help make learning an ongoing reality

Discover The Power of Learning!

I’ve been attending workshops for years; this was the best one ever.

I really enjoyed taking this class. There are a lot of different teachers out there that
could teach this class. Steve teaches so you understand how all of this relates to
the real world and makes learning enjoyable.

Thank you for your refreshing presentation last night.  I found it to be no less than fabulous in every way.  Input from others was similarly positive.  Wayne and I stole some of your words (giving you full credit of course) in our BNI meeting.  Thank you for the time and the inspiration.  I feel better armed to help wit the local economy because if it.


E. Howell, Bloomington, IL

J. Whitt, Roanoke, VA

M. Hague, High Point, NC

Training that delivers performance impact!

Mr Green Shoes™

Steve offers coaching and consulting services to individuals and companies who wish to increase their effectiveness within the housing industry. At present, Steve is working with two international companies who are expanding to the United States, creating jobs here. He currently consults with three companies within the United States as they look to increase their market share as manufacturers and distributors.

These services can be delivered in person or by using a variety of online conferencing services.

Coaching and Consultation

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